What is actually Shiba Nakamoto? A Meme?

Shiba Nakamoto
1 min readJan 19, 2022


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First of all, i would say no to this statement, Shiba Nakamoto is a 3 in one project, wrapped beautifully and developed by some experienced team to the blockchain.

What are those 3 in one? Let me mention them below,

DeFi — Implement Decentralized Finance to the project, holds up a cool and efficient Ecosystem for the token (context: $SMOTO). The DeFi will have a lot of use case for our investor; holders.

GameFi Gaming with Finance things implemented to the Game Ecosystem; letting people inside the game to have their own property inside the game. The Game concept is Grid Layouting land owned by players in a Metaverse.

Meme — Shiba Nakamoto inspired by the Bitcoin Inventor plus Shiba Inu, we believe using this meme concept will bring us and push the project upward with both combination of legends.